New Blog, First Post!

Welcome to my new blog! Unlike my China Thinking blog, this one will be a lot less focused on my interactions with China/Chinese culture and more about my life and thoughts in general.

In the past I’ve been very bad at keeping a blog, but I guess you could say one of my “New Year’s resolutions” is to try to semi-regularly write in one. But I’ve really been thinking of this more as a life-style change than a New Year’s resolution. Lately I’ve noticed how much of my life has been flying by and I simply don’t record enough of it. I have my prayer journal, where I record things I read/learn/pray about pertaining to God, which I have recently gotten better at consistently writing in. But as far as my daily life goes I have only one journal entry and a few blog posts to show over the past few years. So, I am going to start 1) writing at least a few times a week in my personal journal and 2) writing as often as I feel like in this blog.

I’ve decided to go a step further than journaling by blogging publicly for a few reasons, not least of which is that at this point in my life I am blessed to have friends coming from so many parts of the country and the world that I simply do not have enough time to always keep up with everyone. I hope this blog becomes a useful way for me to let you all into my life even when we don’t have time to talk. Second, I think having a blog is a good way for me to express my thoughts and feelings with more clarity and care than I might by either private journaling or by face-to-face conversations. I think it will also help hold myself accountable to open and honest expression of my thoughts, something I am not great at.  That’s why this blog is called “Honest Encounters”, as a way for me to honestly encounter myself, and a way for my friends to have an honest encounter with me.




2 thoughts on “New Blog, First Post!

  1. says:

    I’m so excited 🙂

  2. Andrew says:

    Added to my reader. Looking forward to these posts, but also to more posts about Taiwan in your old blog! 🙂

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